100 WC —A tree with legs

One day I was walking through the forest, I saw this very unusual tree. It seemed like it had legs.Was it walking through the forest, I wonder where it came from and how it grew legs. Did someone create this bizarre looking tree or did it just grow unnaturally. I have this weird feeling that a evil scientist created this bizarre tree to come on earth to become our leader.  Just saying, I’m totally ok with this tree being our leader. When he becomes leader I want to be his assistant so I also have power over the world.

The Ocean


I got inspired by when I went to fort Bragg. The ocean was so beautiful that I thought that i should  write a poem about it so here it is.

This is a poem that I have created,

The Ocean
The ocean is blue
the ocean waves at you
it says hi when you walk by
He will be there forever
it will never leave
it will miss you when you leave

You say bye he will cry
And he will be sad for a long time

When you leave he will be waiting for you

When you come back he will be there for you



Choir is so fun. You get to sit down and sing. We sing many different types of songs like over the rainbow, we three kings, and the first Noel. Also we have a performance near Christmas and one in the spring. Near the end of the year you get to sing for fifth graders to show them what you can do at school. MY favorite  part is that we always get to be our selves and we get to be weird and stupid, but                                                                                                                I LOVE IT <3

To future learnstormer

Dear Future Learn  Stormer,

When I was a learnstormer I learned that you should never in your life time give up, you want to know why, because if you give up than you will never know new things and you will not learn new things thats a fixed  mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, Your brain will never grow. If you have a growth mindset then you will learn more and you will take challenges and finish them. Did you know that your brain is like made of plastic because when you have a growth mindset your brain grows.

Orbiting Jupiter (WARNING SPOIL ALERT)

Dear Jupiter,

   Did you ever know that you dad was Joseph and your mom was Maddie. Also Joseph tried everything to see you.  When you were born Maddie die, so she never got saw you after. But he wasn’t there so he never got so see Maddie or you. All Joseph got was a picture of you when you were a baby. Also Jack found your foster parent and she drove him to her house and there was your dad standing in front of her house to see you. Well then she gave him a picture of you and then she took them home.  Later on Joseph and his dad left the house but then something bad happened, your dad died as well as your mom, but at least your mom and your dad will be together forever. Then Joseph’s foster parents adopted you and now you Joseph friend Jacks brother.But if you ever got to meet Maddie or Joseph be happy because I never got to see my mom that much as I used to before and I really miss her I should be happy to but i’m not.



The ratio dragon


This memory was fun it was my favorite thing to do when i’m bored and that’s drawing. We drew a giant Dragon together. We each had a little ratio piece of a dragon and we had to pick one and blow it up to make it match everyone else’s ratio piece so it would end up looking like a dragon.